6 May 2012

A Sunday Morning Treat: A Scrumptious Galette with Ham, Cheese & Eggs

A galette is a simple treat that originates from France. It is sold widely over the country and has many similarities to the ever so delicious Crepe which is even more popular and sold even more widely than the aforementioned Galette. I am a huge fan of pancakes, in all shapes and sizes. I do however favour mainly savoury pancakes that can be staked with savoury goodies! But on occasion I do like an odd sweet one - and then I root for a thin crepe with melted chocolate and bananas, which is a famous classic.

Now, back to the Galette. A Galette is usually made from a flour called buckwheat which interestingly enough bares no relation to other type of wheat's as they are not cereals per se, but are related to sorrels and rhubarbs. It is darker than normal flour in colour and has a rich flavour, even with a slight earthier note than wheat.

O, and another thing, I would also like to apologise to my few, but precious, readers about the sparsity of entries in the past two weeks. It has its explanations! I was recently in London along with my beautiful and pregnant wife where we rolled from one restaurant to another gorging on the cities lovely and attractive food venues. We met some good friends and had a wonderful time. When we got home I had to attend a course in Torekov, which is a beach side town in northwestern Skåne. So this weekend I was home at last - and this was one of the little rewards!

A Sunday Morning Treat:  Scrumptious Galette with Ham, Cheese & Eggs

First is to make a simple pancake batter. I decided to mix my wheat's. So I blended 50/50 normal white flour with the buckwheat (as I didn't have much buckwheat left in my pantry). So here comes the recipe, simple and tasty. Get a bowl, add 75 g of strong white flour and 75 g of the buckwheat, a pinch of salt, two good quality eggs (medium sized), and then 400 ml of milk. Mix thoroughly together with a whisk until you have a batter that has the consistency of heavy cream.

Then you warm your crepe pan, put a teaspoon of butter - which you allow to melt and sizzle. Then scoop in one ladle of the pancake batter. Roll the pan around to cover the surface and then you pour the excess batter back into the bowl so that the pancake remains thin. Bake for a moment and then flip the pancake to bake it on the other side. Some always through the first cake in the garbage - but you be the judge of that. If it looks good - it's a keeper!

Very soon after you flip the pancake you smear it with some dijon/mayonaise, place the cheese on top, then the good ham and lastly - but importantly - the fried egg! Fold over the edges and cook for a minute so the cheese will melt. 

Season with some salt&pepper. Put on a plate. Then you sit yourself down at the kitchen table and admire on what you have created this Sunday morning. Then you cut into the galette and observe how the cheese comes oozing out of the pancake. 

Can a sunday have a better beginning? 

Bon appetit!

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