17 May 2012

Delicious Oven Baked Plaice with Leeks and Shrimp Served with Simple Rice and Salad

Plaice is one of the few varieties of fish you can purchase here in Skåne that is caught locally, just off our shores. This type of flatfish is in abundance along the coastlines of Skåne and which usually translates to the quality of the product. But nothing really beats the freshly caught fish that you can get at home in Iceland. But that is a luxury that is not easily accessed here on the mainland. But plaice is a tasty fish - so there is no reason to complain! It has a certain firmness to the bite, but also lightly flaky with a mild sweetness!

The onions sizzling on the pan

Delicious Oven Baked Plaice with Leeks and Shrimp Served with Simple Rice and Salad

For this particular dish I used three types of onions. A whole leek, one red onion and couple of gloves of garlic - I also added a stick of celery. All this was cut down into slices and the fried over low heat for about 15 minutes until the vegetables where soft and tender.

Tossing the vegetables
I even managed to toss the vegetables on the pan while taking a photograph with my left hand. I was pretty impressed with myself! Then I added 200 ml of light creme fraiche, 100 ml of water, a stock cube of fish, plenty of salt and pepper and lastly a splash of agave syrop.

The plaice in place 

I put four fillets of plaice on an oiled oven drawer. The drawer was seasoned with salt and pepper. In my opinion fish requires an ample amount of seasoning to draw out its potential - to lift its often subtle taste to the palate.

The juicy shrimp

When the vegetable sauce on the pan had cooked for a few minutes and then reduced, it was scooped up and a divided between the fillets of plaice. I then put 40-50 grams of shrimp onto each fillet.

Gato Negro Chardonnay

With the meal we enjoyed some white wine. When you are preparing a good meal it often just calls out for at least a glass of wine. Just a tinker to wet the palate. This is a good bag in box. It originates from Chile - from last years harvest. It tasted lovely! Potent fruit and a citrus note that was in good harmony.

Ready to eat!

We served the fish with some Jasmin rice and a simple salad that was thrown together in the last minute. You know... just some green leaves and a few slices of tomatoes and peppers. It needed no more as the main course was riddled with onions and celery.

Bon appetit!

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