13 Oct 2015

Savory Waffles with Cheddar and Serrano Ham

Waffles are ancient. Archaeologists have discovered waffle irons in Europe that date back to the middles ages. Most of these were owned by the church and used to make communion wafers. It wasn't until in the 15th century that people began to exchange waffle recipes resembling the modern version, with the first one emerging in Paris. The practice of waffle-making spread quickly around Europe but was probably nowhere embraced as fervently as in Belgium. Most of the commonplace waffle irons that we're used to are adorned in Belgian patterns, stemming from the 17th century.

Most of you are familiar with waffles as a sweet afternoon snack served with cream and jam. However, you can turn that on it's head and make a savory version - why not!? This recipe is considerably different form those that we're used to. Anyways, these waffles are very tasty and particularly suited as lunch on an easy weekend afternoon!

Savory Waffles with Cheddar and Serrano Ham

Makes 12-15 waffles

For the waffle dough:

2 cups flour
2 egg
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1 3/4 cups milk
Garlic oil

For each waffle:

Grated cheese (e.g. cheddar)
1 slice of serrano or parma ham
1 tsp garlic oil
Parsley for garnish

In a bowl, mix together the dry ingredients and then add the eggs and milk.

Heat the waffle iron and brush it with garlic oil.

Pour enough dough for one waffle in a separate bowl and add the ham and the cheese. Bake the waffle. When ready, transfer the waffle to a plate and garnish with more ham and cheese and fresh parsley. Drizzle over a bit of extra garlic oil.

The feast continues!

1 comment:

  1. I've recently been trying waffles, but I've only tried them with maple syrup and ice cream. I would love to try out yours with cheese and ham. Thanks for the awesome recipe.



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