27 Aug 2013

BBQ Chicken Chablis in the Summercottage

This here is one of my favorite chicken dishes and of late I have often treated myself to it - an exceptionally delicious treat! And this is probably because it is one of my own "original" creations. I first made the dish when my family and I journeyed through France in a motor home in the autumn of 2010. The whole family, including my brother, rented a roomy motor home and drove to Bruges, then to the Champagne region, followed by Burgundy, across the Jura mountains with a detour to Basel in Switzerland, and finally back to France, where we drove through the Alsace region, which runs along the German border. Wonderful trip.  

One evening we stayed at Jean Marc Brochard's vineyard just outside the magical town of Chablis. During the day we had visited Chablis and picked up lovely French bits and bobs; chicken, creme fraiche and brand new chantarelles. Out of these ingredients (as well as a couple of other choice things) the dish emerged.

Over the summer, we spent some time at my parent's summerhouse by a little lake called Meðalfellsvatn. Thought it rained almost the entire time while we stayed in Iceland, there were a few moments of blissful sunshine, at which we used the opportunity to cook this amazing recipe on the BBQ.

BBQ Chicken Chablis in the Summerhouse

I began by deboning the three whole chickens. Placed the wings on the side and only used the chest pieces and the legs. Tossed them with a bit of oil, salt and pepper, and then a dash of dried garlic.

Cut down two large onions, 500 gr of mushrooms and fried in 100 gr of butter. And of course: Season!

When the mushrooms had caramelized I set them to the side and took to browning the chicken pieces.

After the chicken had begun to color, I threw in the mushrooms and cooked them until they were heated through. Next, I poured around 250 ml of white wine into the aromatic mix, and cooked until it had reduced and the alcohol was evaporated. Then I added three cans of creme fraiche and - this is imperative - 4 tablespoons of Dijon mustard. Mix everything thoroughly together, in order to produce a thick sauce, and allowed it to cook on the BBQ for just about 20 minutes.

With the food I served sliced potatoes, seasoned and fried in butter and chicken fat until beautifully golden brown.

I had bought this bag-in-box in the state-run Icelandic wine store. It's my mother's favorite white wine and I have enjoyed it on multiple occasions - which is not at all odd given that it is a decent sip of wine. Nice lemony color with a rich fruity taste.

Served with a rich salad. Everyone content: Cold white wine, sunshine, full bellies and smiles!

And despite the fact that no wine from Chablis was involved in this dish, I traveled in my mind south to France - all the way to that rustic little town of Chablis, complete with cobbled roads and a pudgy and happy local butcher, and reminisced on the magical evening we shared, where this recipe was born! Viva France!

Bon appetit!

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