22 Apr 2012

New Toy: Römertopf! Baked Whole Chicken with Delicious Root Vegetables

A brand new Römertopf

These are busy times, and there is plenty that needs to be done! Loads to do at work, in my research and studies! And then there are the hobbies to boot, which all demand their share of time. Next month I am supposed to present the preliminary conclusions of my doctoral project; I am researching the epidemiology of Lupus over a certain area here in Scania. We have followed a group of patients in a longitudinal study for over three decades, which is close to unique. It is extremely interesting to observe the development of this disease over the years. And I sincerely hope that my research will add something substantial - but that remains to be seen. Enough about work!

I received this clay pot as a birthday present from my brother. And I sincerely thank him for this gift. I have for long been eyeing these Römertopf pots in various stores, and always wanted to buy one - but for some reason never got round to it. Well, now I don't really have to ponder about that anymore!

Römertopf clay pots are from Germany and have been produced there since 1967. But the design is based on an age old Roman method ('Römertopf' basically  means 'Roman pot' in German). The general idea is that you leave the pot soaking in water for 10-15 minutes before you fill it with ingredients and place it in the oven, and in that way you steam cook the food. The producers maintain that this procedure conserves the healthiness of the food so you can get away with using less (or even no) fat in the meal! Whatever the case - it is a beautiful addition to the kitchen. And the dish worked out wonderfully!

New Toy: Römertopf! Baked Whole Chicken with Delicious Root Vegetables 

Some aromatic vegetables

This is not complicated cooking - and neither did it take all that long to make. I of course cleaned the clay pot according to the instructions and allowed it to soak in cold water for 15 minutes while I prepared the ingredients. I peeled a few potatoes and cut into rather large pieces, I also had half of a butternut squash which received the same treatment, sliced a couple of red onions and a bit of celery. I brushed the bottom of the pot with garlic oil before placing the vegetables in and mixing them together.

Snugly fit in the Römertopf

Next, I placed the chicken into the pot so it could rest on the bed of vegetables. I rubbed the chicken thoroughly with good quality olive oil, salt and pepper and of course paprika spice and thyme.

The kitchen is coated with seasoning

Two whole bulbs of garlic were placed snugly with the chicken. They will bake in their own paper and turn soft and sweet. Some white wine, maybe 2 dl, where poured in the bottom of the dish.

In the oven

The Römertopf is placed in the cold oven - which is important, as the clay pot needs to heat up slowly. The oven is turned on and the temprature set to 220 degrees. The meal is ready in about 1 and a half hours.

We drank some white wine with our tasty meal. This time we chose Rosemount Chardonnay 2009, which is a wine from Australia. It is a lovely sip of wine. With scents of light fruits, pears and oak. The taste is filling, fruity and buttery. The aftertaste is slighty oaky and balanced. The wine paired well with our savory chicken.

Ready to serve

A wonderful sunday meal!

Bon appetit!


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  2. Not just Germans, but Australian also prefer to have there dinner in Clay baker, Romertompf by stackmines. com because there cheap prices and reliability.

  3. Just found your recipe and going to use our Romertopf for the first time.

    I also have Lupus. Sounds like you're doing a great study.

  4. Just found your recipe and going to use our Romertopf for the first time.

    I also have Lupus. Sounds like you're doing a great study.

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